This prestigious event took place on 25th March in London, and brought together the world’s leading experts on Risk & Security.  It chartered the latest industry developments and most pressing security risks of tomorrow.

Our Senior Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) operator, who is a leading expert in his field, presented on the threat of Corporate Espionage resulting from Technical Surveillance at the event.

“Every organisation has information assurance structure and a risk management policy.  When they look at security, they generally look at is as a Physical element, and as an Information Technology element.  What a lot of corporate bodies miss is that there is a gap in the middle.  A gap where proximal technical surveillance devices, can easily evade Physical and Cyber Security.  Their detection is a specialist area for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures operators.”

His key message of the day was that education in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures shouldn’t be overlooked.  A lot of the time, security officers, both physical and IT, perceive Technical Surveillance to be a lo-tech Hollywood based threat.  This lack of understanding and knowledge of their vulnerabilities leave organisations exposed to the risk.

A video of this presentation can be watched here…