Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We provide a range of straightforward and competitively priced cyber accreditations that demonstrate you meet the UK Government standard for baseline cyber security, Information Assurance and GDPR Compliance. Choose one of our packages and take your first steps to in your cyber security journey...

Cyber Essentials

Government baseline cyber security

Protection from 80% of IT security breaches

Protect your supply chain from undue risk

Prerequisite for Government supply chain and growing number of commercial tenders

Demonstrate you’re on the right track for GDPR

Automatic Cyber Liability Insurance (terms apply)

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Cyber Essentials PLUS

The information provided during your basic Cyber Security assessment is audited

We conduct a series of vulnerability tests on your internet facing systems

Provide your stakeholders with enhanced peace of mind

Prove you’re on the right path for GDPR Compliance

Automatic Cyber Liability Insurance included (terms apply)

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IASME Information Governance

Affordable alternative to ISO:27001

Full endorsed by UK Government

Demonstrates you have robust Information Governance procedures

Includes Cyber Essentials basic at no extra cost

Incorporates a GDPR Compliance question set

Automatic Cyber Liability Insurance included (terms apply)

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Is your company data protected?

Cyber crime is a growing threat, with a quarter of businesses experiencing information security breaches each year

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the big banks and corporations that are at risk from cyber attack. The vast majority of attacks are un-targeted, meaning any organisation without appropriate IT measures in place are at risk. Victims often include small businesses, educational institutions, health providers and charities.

What would you do if you your customer database was stolen, your website forced offline or you couldn’t access business critical data?

Cyber breaches not only cause system damage and data loss, but can also result in lasting reputational damage. Their resolution can involve significant unplanned spend and resourcing, and lengthy periods of disruption.

The risk of cyber breaches, coupled with recent changes data protection law, has meant many organisations have taken steps to protect the information that they hold.

We provide a range of straightforward and competitively priced

The accreditations that we provide have been developed in conjunction with the UK Government to set a benchmark for Cyber Security and Information Governance.   Displaying their badges on your company communications provide your key stakeholders with peace of mind that their information is safe with you.

Our range of competitive Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials PLUS and IASME (Information Assurance & SMEs) Governance packages offer an affordable solution to suit your experience, resource and timeframe.