Cyber Security

Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials accreditation scheme sets out the standard baseline for cyber security. Developed in conjunction with the UK Government in response to a growing cyber threat.

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Cyber Essentials PLUS

Gain competitive advantage and access a growing number of tenders by reassuring stakeholders that your cyber controls have been independently audited.

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IT Network Vulnerability Scanning

Regular comprehensive scans of your company network and devices are the most effective measure you can take to understand your current cyber vulnerabilities and will provide ongoing peace of mind that your information is secure.

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BYOD Audits

The cyber security threat of visitor and employee devices located within your business premises is significant. Our BYOD Audits assess the risk of cyber attacks or eavesdropping resulting from these uncontrolled and unregulated devices.

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Maritime Cyber Security

Our maritime specialists have a wealth of experience and provide a tailored approach - from super yachts to tankers - to ensure your risks are managed effectively.

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