If you work in the field of security, the need for protecting information is a given. But often businesses who invest thousands, or even millions, protecting themselves from Hackers and perceived Cyber threats, often fail to understand the importance of protecting themselves against Corporate Espionage resulting from Technical Surveillance.  The reason for this is that many don’t understand the associated risks, or perceive them to be rather amateur and low-tech.


The reality today is that Technical Surveillance is a far greater risk in 2013 than at any point in history, and Corporate Espionage is anything but lo-tech.  The sophisticated Technical Surveillance techniques we often perceive to be limited to the realms of James Bond and Spooks aren’t as hard to come by as you’d imagine.


Many former government trained individuals from across the globe now operate in a Commercial capacity, and not all of them are ethical.  They represent a diverse range of clients using advanced Technical Surveillance techniques and equipment.


This could include competitors wishing to steal your customers or out-smart your strategy, or investors wanting to undermine your share value.  It could even include overseas governments with a vested interest in international trade.


When large financial rewards are at stake, a relatively small upfront investment of about £200,000 could pay for the very best government standard, black market devices, and the services of criminal Technical Surveillance operators, trained to Special Forces standard in disciplines of covert entry or installation.


We at Assure Technical have our own ex-government operators and use only the very best government standard equipment. But we’re the good guys – working in partnership with organisations worldwide.  We enable our clients to take a proactive stance against Technical Surveillance by understanding threats, assessing vulnerabilities and recommending strategies to minimise risk.


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