Work issued mobile devices are commonplace – and organisations often limit handset functionality to ensure that employees don’t abuse their call usage allowance or tariff in order to manage associated costs.  However, this approach can have a significant impact on employee output and fails to tackle the potential threats associated with other types of misuse.

With today’s mobile technology being so advanced, it is advantageous to enable employees to access cameras and the internet via work issued devices.  But do organisations know whether this functionality has been used to access illegal, adult or inappropriate websites or store illegal or inappropriate images?  Imagine the serious commercial, legal and reputation damage that they could face if a mobile phone device they supplied was inappropriately or illegally misused.

And how can you easily identify if a company issued mobile device has been used to contact individuals or organisations that conflict with their interests?

Mobile Device Audits are a hugely effective way of mitigating risks of misuse without having to limit the smart mobile technology employees can access.   Our unique company Mobile Device Audits involve extracting all of the information from a handset, including any deleted images or text files. This data is then delivered to our clients in an active PDF format.

In addition to providing call, message, images and data accessed via the web, our audit also provide GPS tracking information showing where employees have been during work hours – a key tool in assessing whether they are operating in an efficient or appropriate manner.

The immediate benefits of mobile phone audits are that they can be used to educate and deter employees, driving an immediate reduction in mobile phone costs.   Evidence can also be used to identify unauthorized or unlawful activity, and in some severe cases, assist HR in discipline procedures.

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